2020 event calendar

The Capital Strongman Incorporated crew runs events for athletes at all levels.


If you're new to the sport, the CSI Novice Rounds are a 3 competition series. You can compete in 1, 2 or all 3. You'll get to experience a range of strongman events and meet lots of great people.


If you are more experienced, there's competitions for you too. We run:


  • ACT's Strongest - a qualifier for the Australian Strongman Alliance (ASA) Nationals

  • Queanbeyan Show  -  a qualifier for the Arnold Australia Strongman Classic.


Static Monsters is held on the same weekend around the world and allows you to score a worldwide ranking in the log press and 18-inch axle deadlift. Static Monsters is for athletes at any level.

These 3 competitions also offer you opportunities to compete in a number of international events. 


*When you sign up for a competition, you accept the Terms and Conditions of CSI.

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