Capital Strongman Awards

Every year Capital Strongman Incorporated will select their Strongman and Strongwoman of the year. These awards recognise the athletes that have achieved the highest placing across the most number of CSI comps throughout the calendar year. If there is no clear winner performances at the national or state level may also be considered.


In 2018, Hayley Love was named Strongwoman of the Year for consistent efforts across all competitions.  Alan Romero was named Strongman of the Year for stand-out performances winning his division in all the competitionshe entered. 

CSI also boasts a special Presidential Award. Also known as the Geoff Capes Award, it was inaugurated by Canberra Strongman Association president Andrew Fraser and one of the front runners in bringing strongman to the ACT. This award given to the person who is judged to have demonstrated sportsmanship and success both on and off the sporting field.


Geoff Capes was an English champion shot putter, Strongman and Highland Games athlete. Geoff was known for his determination to be the best and was honoured for his sporting success and in helping younger generations become high level athletes. He is part of the WSM Hall of Fame. 

In 2018, President Brendan Lentell chose Iveni Tui as the recipient of the award. 

Who will take out the awards in 2019?!

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